Islandhop the best of the Bahamas

The islands of the Bahamas are located just off the Florida coast. Minutes away from the U.S. the Bahamas offer a Caribbean style escape. The island archipelago is known for white sand beaches and crystal clear water. When you arrive in the Bahamas, a crew member from Never 2 Nauti will meet you at the airport to take you to the yacht. The professional crew will welcome you on board and your yachting vacation will begin. Never 2 Nauti offers a variety of custom itineraries in the Bahamas. Popular stops include Paradise Island, Atlantis, Harbour Island, and the Exumas. A custom itinerary will be designed to include the favorite activities of your party.

Bahamas destination highlights

Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island
Never 2 Nauti is a familiar sight at Atlantis – one of the world’s premiere resorts and marinas. The resort encompasses a sprawling water park, the famous Mayan Temple slides, several hotel towers, villas, shopping, a private golf course, casino plus numerous upscale and casual restaurants and bars. Many guests find Atlantis to be the most convenient location for embarkation. Never 2 Nauti. Atlantis is served by the largest airport in the Bahamas.  Flights from the U.S., Canada and Europe arrive at Lynden Pindling International Airport (formerly known as Nassau International Airport). Guests can complement their Never 2 Nauti yachting vacation with a stay at Atlantis.
Highbourne Cay, Gateway to the Exumas
This private island oasis has a sheltered natural harbour, first-class marina, luxury cottages, cabanas and waterfront dining. This quiet, unspoiled island offers island excursions, bike riding, hiking, fitness and nature trails. This is the perfect stop to transition from the excitement of Nassau and Paradise Island to the tranquil lifestyle of the Out Islands.
Staniel Cay, the Exumas
The Exumas are the heart of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. The Exumas are more remote than the main islands and much more laid back. Island life is not ruled by the clock or the cell phone. Rather, the days pass in rhythm with sea, the sun, the moon and the swaying palm trees.  Staniel Cay is known by yachtsmen everywhere for the open hospitality of friendly bars and restaurants. Guests will want to swim and dive the scenic Thunderball Grotto where the James Bond movie “Thunderball”  starring Sean Connery was filmed.

Staniel Cay has a small airport that offers scheduled commercial air service between Staniel Cay and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For charter guests from South Florida, Staniel Cay is an especially convenient point of embarkation.

The world-famous Swimming Pigs of Big Major Cay
Not far from Staniel Cay is the small island of Big Major Cay which is uninhabited except for a small community of pigs. How these friendly pigs came to take up residence on Big Major is not known. When a boat arrives, the pigs swim out to make their greetings. It’s easy to see that they are in pig heaven and loving every minute of their own porcine paradise. While Big Major Cay is famous in a big way, other islands have their own off-beat claims to fame. The captain and crew of Never 2 Nauti are happy to share their secrets of the Bahamas with you.